The purpose of Energy & Action is to help you improve on your goals, on  gaining clarity on your overall ‘whys’ and improving your energy output which fuels everything else.



Simply stated – Energy & Action will equip you to kick more ass in your life.



Conventional beliefs and pre-set scripts are typically at odds with your full potential – get ready to move past those limitations on this journey.  The site will have articles, tools, and services focused on gaining clarity, greater energy, being action/deliverables focused, and bringing those closest to you – along for the ride as you harness your God given gifts to their fullest extent.



Our Style


We are real – transparent, authentic, and open in our approach.


We have fun.


We are exceptionally direct.


We are practical in our methods.


Our methods are battle tested and successful.


We are integrated and holistic in our approach.


Energy and Action is about creating a winning lifestyle,


for those that are open to the fire and to the light.



Do you have a sense of unease in your life?


A nagging suspicion that you could do more?


That you should be more?


That there was a time when you could follow through on the promises you made to yourself?


Do you find yourself living a script that was given to you?


Are you listless on many nights?


Is that flame flickering out?




Are you already at a point where you are looking for that extra edge?


You have a few things that are running exceptionally well in your life, and you want to expand the goodness?


You need to scale your life, your business, or another Dimension of Life to the next level?


Energy and Action will help you with solving that unease you have, and increase your ability to attract even more of the realization that you are destined for…





We are working with select clients, and we are interested in careful expansion with the right clients and partners.


Accountability – These packages are entry level offerings that can hone in on areas of opportunities.  These packages are focused on tactical and the mechanics of success in your daily outcomes.  These packages are very structured, focused, and results oriented ideal for those new to hiring a coach.


T&T (Turnarounds and Transitions) – These packages are focused on transitional events mainly focused on rebuilding as part of a career/job transition or family transition (such as divorce). We are working with a select set of clients assisting them in navigating through crisis and transformations – to emerge even stronger.


Next Level / EAF –These Individual Performance Coaching Next Level / EAF packages are very focused on increasing productivity, resiliency, alignment, and in many cases – helping others grow their careers and businesses. We are working with a select set of clients that are already doing quite well in life to become even better, faster. This work is all about accelerating progress for folks that have already established a certain level of success in their lives.  This is where the Energy and Action Framework is fully deployed to enable next level evolutions for our clients.






Drop us a line if you are interested in learning more about our packages and working with us.


If we work together, we will co-create solutions that work for you.  We have a number of templates and best practices that will be tailored to your situation and to your goals.


If you have found something here that resonates – let’s have a no-cost, no-obligation strategy session to see how well we fit with your needs.