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The purpose of Energy & Action is to help you improve on your goals, on  gaining clarity on your overall ‘whys’ and improving your energy output which fuels everything else.

Simply stated – Energy & Action will equip you to kick more ass in your life.

Conventional beliefs and pre-set scripts are typically at odds with your full potential – get ready to move past those limitations on this journey.  The site will have articles focused on gaining clarity, greater energy, being action/deliverables focused, and bringing those closest to you – along for the ride as you harness your God given gifts to their fullest extent.


Clarity, Energy, Action – This blog is here to provide you relevant, action oriented knowledge aiming to improve your energy, output, and clarity throughout many areas of modern life.  What would you do if you could improve any of these areas?  Where would you start?

Winning At Becoming You – This blog is intended for those sick of being average and getting average to less than average results based upon the script that many of us were given as we grew up from our family, friends, and the general culture.  Are you playing the role you want or are you playing the role you were told to play?

Time on Priorities – This blog is intended for those seeking more time to focus on those areas in life that are most important to you.  Do you have a clue what those priorities are for yourself?  Most men nowadays seem confused outside one or two areas of life – typically career/work and finance – everything else is up for grabs…

Building Your Castles – This blog is intended for those that recognize their need to be building and creating a better world for themselves.  Do you have a dream or two jammed in the back of your desk drawer that you never actually get around to?

Energy & Action – How to Help

If you find this content helpful, and you would like to help support this project – pass a link or two onto someone that you think could benefit from this material.


Let’s Go.

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